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Licensed Psychologist
Lic #Psy 19808
171 Front St. Suite #204
Danville, CA 94526



As a licensed Psychologist, I provide compassionate therapy for change, transitioning clients from merely surviving to thriving by helping them identify and remove obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential. This is achieved by looking for people's strengths and building upon those to overcome challenges.

I work with adult clients (high school age and beyond) on a variety of issues that include, but are not limited to; divorce survival, life changes, trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders and self-esteem challenges. I make every effort to exceed client's expectations for quality of care.

Often people wait until they are in crisis to look for a therapist. I understand that and will work with you to get you started as soon as possible to help relieve the issues in the crisis. Entering into therapy can be intimidating and not high on the priority list unless there are no other alternatives. There are no issues too large or too small to bring into the safe environment of my office.

Each client is unique and special and it is an honor to watch a person reach his or her goals. Although making the decision to seek therapy can be overwhelming, my technique, training and experience puts clients at ease and allows the process of therapy to feel more comfortable which enables goals to be met. 

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Therapy for Addiction

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Addictions can come in so many different forms that it is impossible to name them all but they all have something in common. All addictions developed as a coping skill, whether it is


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