Dr. Sara Denman Therapy Techniques

In order to help clients reach their goals I implement a number of therapeutic techniques in accordance with an individual's needs. Some people work better with one particular therapeutic technique while others thrive from a blending of several styles.

I am skilled and trained in several Psychodynamic approaches such as Object-Relations, Self-Psychology, and Relational therapies, among others. These techniques are very effective with individuals who may have struggled socially and emotionally as children and have had difficulty developing effective coping skills as adults. These approaches help heal old wounds and help people develop more adaptive coping skills or defenses. In addition, clients can improve their ability to have healthy and happy relationships.

Although Psychodynamic techniques are very effective, sometimes they do not produce immediate behavioral changes. As a result, I often add Cognitive-Behavioral approaches, which helps clients shift negative thoughts and behaviors. The combination of Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques are very useful for issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, among other challenges.

A third approach called Mindfulness is also helpful for many people. This method helps clients stay in the moment rather than being overwhelmed with anxiety or pressures from past or unknown future events. Many people are able to benefit from this theory.

Neuropsychology is a relatively new field, which is gaining a great deal of support and excitement. With this method, changes can be made by understanding the neurological reasons people think and behavior in particular ways. I have spent a great deal of time studying and training in this area in the last few years and it is proving to be very promising.

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Dr. Sara Denman, Lic #Psy 19808


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Online Therapy!

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I am pleased to offer video therapy to people who find it more convenient than in-person sessions. As a result of COVID 19 and being pushed into the virtual world, I have found it very rewarding and easier for some people, so I have made the decision to keep this as part of the therapy tools I offer.

Therapy for Anxiety

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One of the most common issues clients seek treatment for is anxiety. Even if it is not the primary issue, it tops the laundry list of things clients would like to change.

Anxiety can be debilitating and it can take on different forms. Some people are anxious about a